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Welcome to FEW
Freedome Enterprises Worldwide

Freedome Enterprises Worldwide

Who We Are

Freedome Enterprises Worldwide (FEW) is a nonprofit umbrella 501(c))3), organized and operated exclusively for humanitarian, philanthropic, environmental, scientific, artistic and educational purposes.  

What We Do

Our mission at FEW is to create and produce projects, programs and events that empower, heal, restore, unite, educate and strengthen African and Indigenous communities, organizations groups and individuals globally.  We work to make the world a better place.


How We Work

FEW provides enrichment  and inspiration, sustainable solutions,  positive support  and lots of LOVE to ensure the satisfaction of the people we serve and the clear benefit that comes from working together with an organization that cares.

FEW's Motto
"Helping Us Help Ourselves and Each Other"

With FEW our good works start at home. Check out our community investments.  

It's as easy as A-B-C 



..... with prayer.  Prayer is a force to be reconned with and at FEW we believe in the POWER of PRAYER!   We invite you to join our prayer team and help us actively manifest what we will.  Each month a list of prayer needs is created and each week we come together on a conference call to pray for the things we've committed to achieving.  You can pray with us and activate the powers of life to answer our prayers.  No matter what spiritual system you belong to, prayer is universal.  Contact us to find out how to get connected.  



.....a  partner, volunteer, subscriber, promoter, member, friend or supporter Here at FEW there are all sorts of opportunities to give us the gift of your time and talents.  We need  you to take the first step.  Contact us and find out how you can become part of us. 



...... monetarily and/or materially. Contributions, donations, and gifts are most appreciated and needed here at FEW.  Sometimes the grants don't stretch far enough or unexpected emergencies come up where more money is needed to get us over the hump.  We need your help to carry us all the way to success.  Press the link below to learn more about these opportunities to contribute. 

Tell me and I'll forget.  Show me and I may not remember.  Involve me and I'll understand.

Native American Proverb

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